• Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a fuel with various applications across different sectors of the economy and aspects of life. LPG has many advantages, making it the dominant alternative fuel globally, replacing gasoline.

  • Propane Heating Gas

    We are a distributor of propane gas for heating and industrial purposes. We fulfill orders within 24 hours and ensure safe transportation with modern tankers. Our vehicles can handle even smaller areas.

  • Gas in Cylinders

    We pay close attention to the issues of accurate filling, cylinder tightness, and optimizing the mixture composition such as...

  • LPG Wholesale and Import

    We conduct wholesale sales of liquefied petroleum gas nationwide using our storage facilities. We offer the following products: propane-butane, propane, butane, n-butane, and isobutane.

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

    LNG is used wherever there is no access to a gas network or where its capacity is limited. This gas also serves as a low-emission fuel for powering trucks.

  • Municipal Natural Gas Network in Czarna Bialostocka

    In the domestic market, we deliver natural gas through our distribution network located in the municipality of Czarna

  • Packed and Bulk Coal

    Our loading capabilities at our terminals amount to approximately 8,000 tons per day.

  • Aggregates

    We have quality certificates for product compliance and implemented Production Control.

  • Mineral Fertilizers

    Our multi-nutrient fertilizers (NPK) are characterized by a high concentration of nutrients...

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