Transshipment Terminal

Our terminal is located in Sokółka, 16 km from the Kużnica Białostocka/Bruzgi border crossing (Belarus) and 44 km from Białystok.

We provide our clients with support in:

  • Transshipment;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Rail freight forwarding;
  • Warehousing of goods.
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Cost Reduction in Transportation

Railway transportation, especially over longer distances, is a more economical solution compared to air and road transport.

Supply Chain Optimization

We help companies increase efficiency and shorten transportation time.

Greater Flexibility

Entrepreneurs have the ability to adjust delivery and unloading times, enabling flexible management of the logistics chain.

Cooperation with Other Means of Transport

Terminals allow for the transshipment of goods onto railway wagons, as well as other means of transport. This enables delivery to locations where railways do not reach.

Types of Serviced Wagons

We handle broad-gauge wagons and convert them to standard-gauge wagons or transfer goods for road transportation.

What goods do we handle at the terminal?

  • Liquefied gas;
  • Mineral fertilizers;
  • Coal (sorting available);
  • Aggregates;
  • Wood chips;
  • Technical salt;
  • Metallurgical products;
  • Steel;
  • Other palletized goods, in big bags, and sacks;
  • Universal general-purpose containers 20′, 40′, 40’HC, 45’HC;
  • Open top/hard top containers;
  • Tank containers;
  • Refrigerated containers;
  • Animal feed products;
  • Sheet glass;
  • Building materials.

Who are our services targeted towards?

  • Industrial and manufacturing enterprises;
  • Railway carriers;
  • Logistics and freight forwarding companies;
  • Distribution centers and warehouses.

Types of Products


We deliver to construction sites and railway embankment renovations.

Wood chips and timber

We supply to sawmills and processing companies.


We provide sorting options for raw materials.

Metallurgical products

We deliver from the producer to the end recipient.


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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our products or services? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions that will help you better understand our offer and take full advantage of it.

Collaboration with numerous enterprises demonstrates that railway transportation is an economically justified choice. Our clients, for whom we transport and transship goods, are well aware of this fact.

Yes, we handle transportation coming from outside Poland and support companies engaged in international trade.

In addition to transshipment terminal tasks, we also offer customs and rail logistics services. In this way, we ensure the smooth operation of the supply chain.

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Cost optimization for heating or production, independence, and safety of supplies are the pillars of a well-organized household and company, equipped with gas tanks or regasification installations. We will gladly assist you on your journey to achieve these goals. Feel free to contact our consultants.

Company headquarters and branches

Barter S.A.

28 Legionowa Street
15-281 Bialystok

Phone: +48 85 74 85 300
fax: +48 85 74 85 299

TAX ID: 9661388342
REGON: 050835467

Regional Distribution Center of LPG in Bydgoszcz

8 Portowa Street
85-757 Bydgoszcz

Phone: +48 52 345 32 72

Regional Distribution Center of LPG in Barczewo

1 Zatorze Street
11-010 Barczewo

Phone: +48 89 514 78 02

Regional Gas Distribution Center in Żary

6 Budowlanych Street
68-200 Żary

Phone: +48 887 764 543

Coal, Gas, and Fertilizer Transshipment Terminal in Sokółka

2 Buchwałowo residential area
16-100 Sokółka

Phone: +48 85 722 95 00

Coal Terminal in Kutno

10 Metalowa Street
99-300 Kutno

Phone: +48 885 450 384

Transshipment Terminal in Sławków (under construction)

Our other products and services


LPG with guaranteed highest quality fuel.

Heating Gas and Gas Tanks

We are a distributor of propane gas. Delivery within 24 hours.

Gas in cylinders

Gas in cylinders is a convenient solution for households, construction sites, or production companies.

Wholesale and LPG Imports

We ensure timely deliveries of raw materials regardless of the season.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Ecological and safe fuel for heating and technological purposes.

Network Gas in Czarna B.

We deliver gas through our distribution network.

Mineral Fertilizers

Available in our offer, fertilizers are characterized by high concentrations of nutrients.

Railway Logistics

We provide personalized transportation services tailored to delivery times.

Customs Agency

We offer comprehensive customs services and utilize simplified clearance permits.

LPG logistics

High-quality product that meets the requirements of EN-589.

Transshipment Terminal

We offer transshipment services for liquefied gas, mineral fertilizers, and coal.

BARTER S.A. is a company with 100% Polish capital, dynamically developing in the energy sector. The company has been operating in the industry since 1999.

The main profile of the company’s activities is the sale and distribution of liquefied gas, LNG, and fertilizers. The company owns its transshipment terminal in Sokółka, whose main tasks include transshipment, storage, and distribution of liquefied gas, coal, and mineral fertilizers. BARTER S.A. operates gas bottling plants located in Barczewo, Bydgoszcz, Sokółka, Sosnowiec, and Żary, equipped with modern equipment and technological lines, storage tanks for liquefied gas, own railway sidings with transshipment points, modern tank trucks for transporting liquefied gas, and delivery vans for transporting cylinders. It is also a licensed railway carrier.
Moreover, Barter has modern liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification stations, characterized by the highest energy standards. LNG is delivered to customers directly from Polish terminals, including those in Świnoujście, or imported from other European terminals. The excellent infrastructure of the company allows for the continuity of work and timely deliveries to all contractors.
Barter S.A. is one of the founding members of the employers’ association – the Polish LNG Platform. The Platform operates as an industry cluster, where individual entities mutually utilize their experiences, support each other, and promote the LNG industry – not only in maritime transport but also in road transport and industry.