BARTER S.A., following the information posted on the ELECTRONIC STATE SERVICES PLATFORM, informs as follows.

In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Finance of September 19, 2018 on declarations of carriage of goods (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1849), for receiving entities and sending entities, a requirement has been introduced to authenticate on the Fiscal and Customs Electronic Services Platform (PUESC) by providing, in addition to the login and password, the so-called. The entity’s SISC Id, or 17-character identification number.


The obligation applies to:

  • as of May 1, 2019, sending entities and receiving entities that send or update notifications in the SENT registry (SENT_100 or SENT_200);
  • As of February 1, 2020, receiving entities that supplement notifications with information on receipt of goods (close the notification in SENT_100 or SENT_200).

Under the current law, failure to obtain this number will result in the inability to properly perform SENT-related obligations.


Performing directly on the PUESC platform the activities related to application and confirmation of receipt on behalf of the receiving entity by a user who is indicated as a representative of the entity, requires each time to log in to the platform (login and password) and indicate the entity on behalf of which one wants to make an application / confirm receipt of goods.

Obtaining an entity’s SISC Id is associated with obtaining an advanced level of access to the PUESC
and requires submission of the appropriate applications (e-Forms) using the “e-Customer” service – link to website:


The e-Customer service includes a registration process that includes the following main steps:

  • Setting up an account on PUESC,
  • registration of an individual, such as an employee of an entity, an agent,
  • registration of the Entity,
  • registration of representation,

In order to obtain an advanced level of access to PUESC, an individual (e.g., a company owner, a company body, a company/company employee authorized by the owner/company body, or other authorized person) who already has an account on PUESC (basic level of access) should submit applications (e-Forms) in sequence:

  • registration/updating of an individual’s data – will result in the SISC Id being assigned to the individual;
  • registration/updating of entity data – will assign a SISC Id to the entity;
  • registration/update of representation – will register an individual as a representative of the entity.

We would also like to inform you that:

For details, see: Electronic registration instructions for managing users who use the services of the Tax and Customs Information System, link:

Information on how to set up a trusted profile is available at the following link:


For more information, visit the PUESC website at the following link:

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